Used Cars in Maryville (TN)

Shopping for a pre-owned vehicle in Maryville? If you want the lowest price possible, it’s important to compare the offerings of various dealerships in your part of Tennessee. After you find a car you like, all you have to do is let the dealer know which vehicle it is, and they will provide you with further details. You can purchase the majority of these vehicles through cash or financing, and often you can get pre-approved for financing online.

Budget Guidelines for Maryville Car-Shoppers

How much should you invest in your new car? That depends on your income. In general, you want to spend around 30 percent of your yearly salary on a car. As an example, Maryville consumers make $28,314 per year, which would equate to a car that costs $8,494. While 30% or less is ideal, a lot of people spend closer to 50%–$14,157, in this case. Take a look at this table, based on this $28,314 income.

% of Income Vehicle Price Assessment
30% $8,494 Good
50% $14,157 Average
75% $21,236 Too High
100% $28,314 Unsafe

Cheap Cars for Sale in Maryville (TN)

Is low cost a concern for you? We don’t know what you think of as cheap, but we can give you cars in Maryville priced under $10,000 or even under $5000. When buying a car costing $10,000 or less, it’s a good idea to have an independent technician inspect it. This could help save hundreds of dollars in the end.

Zipcode Make Model Minimum Price Maximum Price Condition
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