Used Cars in Knoxville (TN)

Shopping for a pre-owned vehicle in Knoxville, Tennessee? We allow you to find the vehicle you need before you ever head to the dealership. Locate a car you like, then contact the dealer for more details. These vehicles can be found today on dealer lots in your area, and most of the time they can be financed.

Are you wondering how much you should put toward a pre-owned car? Here’s a good rule of thumb: spend just 30-35% of your yearly salary on a car. Suppose you’re making $19,365 annually, the average among Knoxville residents–this would be a $5,810 to $6,778 car. The maximum spent should be 50%, or $9,683 in this example. If you’re financing, roughly 10% of your monthly income, at the most, should be allotted to your car payment each month. Don’t be tempted into stretching your repayment period to pay for a more expensive vehicle–48 months or less is best. With an income of $1,614 each month, this equates to a maximum payment of $161. If you’ve got credit problems, view our section about financing a car in Knoxville.

Cheap Cars for Sale in Knoxville

Are you hoping to buy a car in Knoxville on the cheap? How much do you want to spend? Selection varies on a daily basis, but we typically have a range of cars for $10,000 or less, and typically a handful of cars under $5000 are even available. When purchasing a high-mileage vehicle, you might want to have it gone through by a technician to be sure you don’t come across any surprises after it’s too late.

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