Tennessee 32nd Most Expensive State to Own a Car

Did you know that where you live affects how much it will cost you to own your car? The cost of a car doesn’t end at the dealership. There are ongoing taxes, gas, and insurance. Depending on where you live in the United States, it affects how high your ownership cost can be.

The Most Expensive States

The top three most expensive states are Wyoming, California, and Georgia. Wyoming’s costs are high due to gas prices and bison. Frequent collisions with bison raise insurance rates. Californians pay high annual taxes for poorly-maintained roads. Georgia’s combination of taxes and high gas prices make it the most costly state to own a car. Oregonians have the lowest insurance costs. They pay no state sales tax, and don’t have to pump their own gas. This makes it the cheapest state in which to own a car. 

What about Tennessee?

Tennessee is the 32nd most expensive state, costing about $3000 per year.  That’s actually not too bad. You may not want to pack up and move based on this information, but it is good to keep in mind when you’re at the dealership eyeing your next car. Your outlay doesn’t end at the dealership.  It just gets started.

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