New “Guns-in-Trunks” Law Being Passed in Tennessee

The senate in Tennessee has passed a vote 72-22 in favor of a new gun law. Permitted gun holders can take a firearm to work with them, as long as it is locked in the trunk of their vehicles. This new bill has been dubbed “Guns-In-Trunks” and is awaiting the Governors approval.

Safe Driving Course Comes To Hardin Valley Academy

Teen fatalities in automobile accidents throughout the U.S. rose last year by 19 percent, with


and Indiana tied for the largest increase. State Farm Insurance agent Mike Lewis helped design and implement a successful teen driving course in North Carolina. That program is coming to the Hardin Valley Academy, in Knoxville, beginning March 9th. The need for improved driving skills, and reduced susceptibility to distractions, is obvious, and those are among the goals of the Lewis’ Street Safe driving course. The course fee is $55, and it’s open to all students; apply on-line at “”