East Tennessee Vehicle Thefts Increasing

Tennessee law enforcement agencies warn citizens of the dramatic increase in stolen cars since December in East Tennessee. The cars are being stolen for their scrap metal value. Tennessee scrap metal businesses are checking vehicle identification and taking fingerprints for law enforcement agencies. Scrap metal businesses are required to hold vehicles for three days before crushing.

New TN Epidemic: Scrapyard Pawn Shops

A new kind of criminal is emerging these days in Tennessee, using scrap yards as easy game for making a quick buck on salvaging cars. Only problem is, the cars belong to someone else. They are stolen, towed right from your yard or a parking lot. In this most recent case, the vehicle was left on the highway until the owner could come back for it, only to come back to nothing.

TN: Too Many Chargers, Not Enough Cars?

Electric cars are one way to reduce greenhouse emissions and protect the environment. Consumers, however, have been slow to embrace them. Tennessee’s Department of Revenue revealed that approximately 530 electric cars have been purchased and registered within the state in the last two years. There are 700 charging stations for electric cars in Tennessee so owners are not lacking in ways to refill their batteries.