How Our Process Works

Here's the way it works, step-by-step.

  • Apply Online for Financing. You can apply in 3 minutes, and no down payment is required. Our system accounts for where you live, as well as your income and credit score. There is no minimum credit score required, as we have lenders who deal with each of the different credit tiers.
  • Speak with Your Tennessee Car Loan Professional. You will be contacted by a consultant to go over your options. They should be able to provide you with an APR quote at this point, as well as the options as far as vehicles and lending terms. You may need to provide some additional documentation to finalize your approval.
  • Select a Vehicle from a Dealer In Your Town. Now that you're approved, you can select your new or used vehicle from a dealership locally. A pre-arranged loan will serve to streamline the process of buying your vehicle, and possibly improve your bargaining leverage with your dealer.

The Advantages of Pre-Approved Loans

Ever more Tennessee car shoppers are choosing to pre-arrange their financing. You can concentrate exclusively on the vehicle you want, rather than worrying about your credit approval. If you're approved through a third-party lender, then it's like a cash purchase. If you were approved through the dealer, you will be taken a lot more seriously, because the salesperson will realize you're all set to drive home in a new car. Basically, it improves the entire process, removing one of the main hassles of buying a new car.

Tennessee Auto Loan Rates

The cost of financing a vehicle is significant, particularly when you have subprime credit. Of course, your FICO score is the most important factor for the rate of interest you'll be offered. Have you checked your score lately? We highly recommend that you do so.

It also allows you to:

  • See what lenders see when assessing your credit history.
  • Determine what APR rate should be expected.
  • Get unlimited access to your credit scores.

Tennessee Loan Requirements

  • 18 Years or Older
  • Resident of Tennessee
  • $375 Weekly Income
  • No Repossessions in Last Year
  • No Minimum Credit Score Required

Apply Online!

We're your trusted source for auto loans in Tennessee. We offer an easy online application process with no obligations.
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What’s Your Credit Score?

No matter your score, there's a dealer or lender in our network who wants your business. The lender with whom we place your application will be determined in part by your income and zip code, among other factors.

Subprime Credit?

That's okay. We specialize in helping applicants with subprime credit. In fact, our approval platform is the ideal choice for people with less-than-perfect credit, as it matches your application with a lender who works with buyers in your credit tier.

Southeast Region

Have family or friends in the region you'd like to refer to us? Great! We have locations serving nearby states such as Georgia.